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Massive Public Support For the Death Penalty

NEW YORK — Over 80 percent of all Americans want murderers executed. Also for rape and kidnapping, a majority believe that the punishment should be death, according to a recent national survey. At the same time, each year five people on death row are pardoned. The United States differs from other industrialized democracies, and still […]

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Breitbart News is Batshit Insane. Period.

NEW YORK — Founded as a limited news syndication site in 2005, their founder Andrew Breitbart launched the news website shortly after, with the goal of becoming the “Huffington Post of the right.” Breitbart News went on to gain outstanding success for its pro-Israel, anti-establishment and ill-conceived populist agenda, scapegoating Washington’s elite and the US […]

So Long California Beaches

NEW YORK — By adopting a new computer design, investigators predict that up to 67 percent of Southern California shores are severely damaged by increasing sea levels over the next 80 years. A new investigation printed in the Journal of Geophysical Research informs that 31 to 67 percent of Southern California strands are at risk […]

Trump’s Son to Congress: “Bring it on!”

NEW YORK — The Senate Intelligence Committee requires speaking directly to Kushner regarding his connections with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak throughout the presidential transition. President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and senior partner had proposed to witness before the Senate intelligence committee about its Russia probe, the White House, and Senate committee verified Tuesday. The […]

Turkey Plans to Flood Europe with Immigrants

NEW YORK — Süleyman Soylu, Interior Minister of Turkey, says their country should start sending tens of thousands of refugees a month to European Union countries to “shock” them, as a reaction to the recent diplomatic meltdown between Turkey and Germany. “There is a readmission deal. I’m asking you Europe, do you have the courage […]

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Quantum-Leap for Medicinal Cannabis in Germany

NEW YORK — German health insurance companies doubt the effectiveness of cannabis therapies. Are cannabis treatments effective or not? Since March 2017, the health insurance companies have been paying for cannabis treatments. But there are still doubts about the medical usefulness of cannabis. Regarding cannabis therapies, health insurance companies continue to be skeptical. The effects […]