Michael Douglas’s Son Cameron Trashes London Hotel

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NEW YORK — Startled staff called the police after finding shattered glass, and a TV ripped off the wall in the five-star room in central London.

British detectives are hunting Michael Douglas’s son Cameron after he supposedly smashed up a hotel room. He is said to have gone “totally crazy,” causing at least $2,400 worth of damage when he took several girls back after a late and wet night party.

Officers were already working with foreign police colleagues to trace down troubled Cameron, who is known to combat severe alcohol and drug addiction.

Cameron and Michael Douglas

Cameron, who has been “on holiday” in London, is said to have ordered in massive amounts of expensive drinks in the VIP section of a trendy club. One source claimed he kept yelling: “Do you know who I am?” Nobody appeared at all impressed, and that was indeed disturbing him.

He then walked back to the hotel with an actor friend and some female “fans.” He was sick in the parking lot, and then after arriving at the room, things started to get completely out of control.

Airline pilots staying next door at the same hotel began complaining about the noise before a r­eceptionist went up to the room to beg young Douglas to keep it quiet.

One source added: “Then all you could hear was this smashing and crashing. Everything was wrecked, and there was glass all over the floor.”

Detectives arrived to take statements from witnesses.

“We have the name of the suspect, who is a certain man from the United States. We are in touch with other agencies to trace this person to sort these matters.”

His family has supported him through his addiction troubles. In January he was seen cuddling his star father while watching a hockey match at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Young Douglas’s agent has declined to comment.

In a text to a British tabloid, Douglas called the claims “a bold-faced lie.” He furthermore threatened the “full force of my legal team,” but would not comment further.

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