Trump Bullies Own Party and Favors Family

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NEW YORK — The daughter of the US president is in the black: As reported by US media, the turnover of Ivanka Trump’s model line has risen dramatically. Since Trump’s inauguration – better and better, day by day.

Ivanka Trump

In the seventh week of Donald Trump’s administration, the concern of environmentalists seems founded after Trump’s announced dramatic changes in climate protection policy. The new leader of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Scott Pruitt, considers that the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide is not a primary cause of global warming.

“Measuring the human impact on the climate is a major challenge. The assessments on the extent of the influence differ considerably. I do not believe that carbon dioxide is one of the leading causes of global warming that we are experiencing,” Pruitt told media on Thursday.

Meanwhile, President Ivanka Trump is even better off. According to the US media, the sales of her model line has risen by 346 per cent despite the unlikely turn of events.

After the successful lawsuit against the first entry ban by President Donald Trump, the US state of Washington aims at also putting the second version on hold. General Prosecutor Bob Ferguson said that Washington requests that the ending of the first also applies to the second executive order.

Washington was the first US state to violate the original entry ban for people from seven majority Muslim countries, causing it to be suspended throughout the country until the court takes a decision on its legality. The Trump administration has since come up with a new version, which covers only six countries and no longer applies to people from those countries that already have valid visas for the US. The US state of Hawaii has already filed a lawsuit against this new version on Wednesday.

The White House spokesman, Sean Spicer, maintained the government is confident that the new executive order will withstand all legal scrutiny.

The election campaign, in which the President was not very easygoing with his opponents in the party, is history. Now he needs congressional support for his law projects, especially for the new healthcare plans. He has even invited his former rival, Senator Ted Cruz, his wife Heidi and their two daughters to a dinner.

Trump not only nicknamed the Senator “Lying Ted,” but also bizarrely insinuated his father was involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Trump further spread an unfavorable photo of Heidi Cruz via Twitter and threatened to divulge things about her. The Tweet is still online.

The White House spokesman, Sean Spicer, ignored the question by journalists whether Trump was planning to offer his apologies to Heidi Cruz. He said instead: “I think they look forward to a great dinner.”

Donald Trump has shared a tweet from the Fox TV channel, announcing that in the first month of the Trumps presidency, the biggest job growth had been “for years.”

Oddly enough, the article itself contains no reference to Trump. It only says that the increase of 298,000 jobs in February is due to “unusually warm weather” for the season.

After the controversy surrounding Trump consultant Kellyanne Conway, who pushed for purchasing of the fashion of Ivanka on live television, demand has risen. According to US media reports, sales have grown by 346 percent since January. Besides clothing, Ivanka Trump’s line also includes shoes and perfume.

True Patriots Share!

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