Trump and Putin together against the Islamic State?

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NEW YORK — Left-wing and liberal allegations continue centering on US President Donald Trump. They argue that he during his election campaign conspired with Russian President Vladimir Putin to defeat his opponent, Hillary Clinton. Taken together, this may – paradoxically – come as a godsend for the Islamic state.

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The allegations threaten particularly a planned agreement between the two military superpowers on how to work together to combat the notorious terrorist group, writes AP. The White House is now reluctant on how to proceed with the deal, because of approaching Russia would mean that Trump takes a tremendous political risk at home.

The FBI is still investigating the accusations of the Trump-Russian conspiracy, and later during the investigation, Congress is expected to question people near Trump and his campaign.

The allegations against Trump has continued throughout the election campaign, yet without any direct evidence presented against him. Earlier this week it was revealed that Justice Minister Jeff Sessions on two occasions before the election talked with Russia’s US Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. It has led to the Democrats calling for Trump’s resignation. On Twitter, Trump mentions that Barack Obama met with the Russian ambassador at no less than 22 occasions during his time as president.

Trump’s vision has previously been to reach a broad agreement with Russia on Islamic terrorism, nuclear arms control and the situation in Ukraine. But while the Justice Minister is under fire, there has been a shift of power within his cabinet. Only two weeks ago, Trump’s national security adviser Michael Flynn was ordered to resign and replaced by Lieutenant General H. R. McMaster, a person who accuses Russia of wanting to change the current world order. Trump’s Defense Minister Jim Mattis is also a sharp critic of Russia, and together they may be able to affect Trump’s view of the Russian President.

Trump, as usual, continues to use Twitter during Sundays. Among other things, he takes up Obama’s meeting with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in 2012 when he, without knowing that the microphone was still on, said that he would have “more flexibility” after the election.

Trump further tweets that the FBI was not allowed to examine the mail server of the Democrats, who allegedly is hacked by the Russians. WikiLeaks, which published leaked e-mails, claims they did not come from a data breach, but from a disgruntled source within the party. Trump’s opponents argue instead that WikiLeaks is lying and that they collude with the state of Russia.

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