Facebook’s Insane Fake News-Filter

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NEW YORK — After their candidate Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump in the presidential election, liberal socialists are behaving as remarkably sore losers. Rationalizations and accusations continue to surface, each more far-fetched and conspiratorial than the other. Particularly painful for the losing side is the loss of the power to filter news that reaches ordinary citizens.

Facebook questionable content

To tackle information that from a liberal social perspective is uncomfortable, a new concept – “fake news” – was coined. One of the nonpartisan media platforms they desperately have sought to take control of over is Facebook, and after immense pressure and lobbying, that has now been at least partly successful.

The other day, a Facebook rolled out a new algorithm, which labels content that does not fit the liberal socialist worldview “questionable content.” Officially, pieces of texts that contain “serious factual errors” will be marked with warning labels and symbols.

The evidence clearly demonstrates, however, that it is more a question about certain types of facts, which according to liberal socialists deserve no acknowledgment whatsoever. One argument for the introduction of the new ranking system is that articles from mainstream media have gotten too little attention when shared on Facebook.

Rather than facing the increasing competition for media space, the establishment is taking an ugly shortcut by marking competitor content “questionable.” At first, liberal socialist media demanded that Facebook uses even tougher language and mark inconvenient articles from alternative media “fake,” but they have now settled with the slightly milder phrase “questionable.”

Agencies certified to perform the actual audit work have a distinct liberal socialist profile. Currently, it is the news companies ABC and AP, and “fact-checking site” Snopes, who has Facebook’s full confidence. All of the above are known for having their obvious liberal socialist bias.

It is currently unclear what the types of texts on Facebook that are defined as “articles” and consequently subject to audit. It appears as if in the first stage, only texts in the English langue are subject to review. Future updates are expected to include other languages.

The new Facebook algorithm has sinister parallels to the actions of totalitarian regimes that seek to silence critics of the government and other authorities. It furthermore indicates disdain for common sense and the notion that ordinary citizens are incapable of source criticism. The most imminent risk is that the audit itself becomes more questionable than the content examined.

True Patriots Share!

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