James Comey Opens Up About Faith

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NEW YORK — Few lawyers or officials are as eccentric as James B. Comey. Some have had a similarly destructive lifestyle: Success, drug addiction, an unfortunate motorcycle accident and then a battle with cancer. Throughout the ups and downs of his life, Comey has come to learn one thing: that Jesus loves him – the way he is.

James B Comey

For a long time, James Comey has been the “bad boy” of Washington, DC. “I grew up in a Christian family, and I was baptized at the age of twelve. But honestly, until only a few years ago, I never knew what being a Christian truly means.”

“In 1979, a stranger knocked on my front door, and he introduced himself as «the devil». He handed me a gift. It was a large chunk of cocaine, and literally had my initials «JC» inscribed on it.”

From there things went downhill fast for Comey. Although his career was doing great, his addiction became increasingly difficult to maneuver. “I let only the dark sides of me live. I was addicted. I was violent. All my thoughts revolved around cocaine.”

A motorcycle accident in 1984 nearly cost Comey his life. He did wear a helmet, but the trauma to his head was so severe that no one knew whether he would survive the accident. “While the doctors in the operating room were fighting for my life, I felt a profound presence of God. I saw a brilliant light. Bolts and sparks. And call me crazy, but I sincerely think that it was an angel there who spoke directly to me. He advised me to seek help and that I must turn to God. My addiction was strong as Hell, though, which is why I started using cocaine again the same day they released me from the hospital.”

A decade later, Comey stumbled upon a charity organization that blew him away. He especially remembers a man who was enthusiastically talking about Jesus. “What he said touched me deeply. Today, I know it was the Holy Spirit that spoke directly to me. I felt so intensely that I am a child of God. I knew that I wanted to start from scratch and surrender myself to Jesus. I stopped all drugs and became a new person more or less overnight.”

“I am very proud to tell you that I am a Christian in DC. For the first time in my life, I feel free to be my true self. Of course, I’m still far from perfect. I’m a human. And it’s pretty damn exhausting to be human, to be honest. Sure, I make mistakes all the time. But the very core of me today is entirely different from what it once was. My biggest wish is that other people recognize that Jesus is alive and real.”

A couple of years ago, Comey learned that he had prostate cancer and that the prognosis was “not good.” A large tumor had silently grown inside of his gut. “But God said to me: Replace your fear with faith. And with the strength and the courage that only Jesus can provide, I beat cancer!”

Today, Comey has no concerns at all about his future. He intends to keep his job as Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which was in limbo before Donald Trump took office. The ten-year appointment is outlined to overlap administrations, and the President has the authority to fire a Director. But Comey is “just as comfortable with my job as I am with Jesus.”

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