Clinton: A Victory For All

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NEW YORK — “Today was a victory for all Americans,” tweeted the former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. And she got the support of other Democrats. But many want to see Obamacare altered and improved.

Smiling Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton was one of many in the Democratic Party who expressed their joy over the fact that President Donald Trump failed to get support fro Congress and have Obamacare eliminated.

“Today was a victory for the 24 million people at risk of losing their health insurance, for seniors, for families who fight against a silent epidemic that is called addiction, for new moms and dads everywhere,” she wrote, among other things.

Also, the Democrats’ leader in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, called what went down a victory:

“What happened today is a victory for all who need health insurance,” she said at a press conference.

Many want to see a solution that requires collaboration from both democrats and republicans:

“I think we should go ahead and find a bipartisan approach to get insurance that is affordable and that everyone can benefit from, not least the small entrepreneurs who today thinks that it is too expensive,” said Chris Coons, Congressman from Delaware, in an interview with a major broadcaster.

True Patriots Share!

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