Breitbart News is Batshit Insane. Period.

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NEW YORK — Founded as a limited news syndication site in 2005, their founder Andrew Breitbart launched the news website shortly after, with the goal of becoming the “Huffington Post of the right.” Breitbart News went on to gain outstanding success for its pro-Israel, anti-establishment and ill-conceived populist agenda, scapegoating Washington’s elite and the US mainstream media.

After Breitbart’s sudden death in 2012, the website was hijacked by one of its board members Stephen Bannon. Under Bannon, the site swiftly turned further to the right, embracing white supremacy and the “alt-right” movement – an alternative belief system that shuns anything mainstream, moderation, and media.

Breitbart and Kellogg's

1. Deceives investors

Bannon took at least one major investor for a real ride. One of the principal investors in Breitbart News is Robert Mercer. The Mercer family injected millions of dollars into a Ted Cruz super PAC throughout the election cycle, even as Bannon formed Breitbart News into a Cruz-bashing Trump propaganda outlet. A representative for the Mercer family was Kellyanne Conway, who now has been introduced as Trump’s campaign manager. I was assuredly familiarized by sources associated with the pro-Cruz super PAC that for months, as Bannon was handling Breitbart News to back Trump, the Mercers were backing Bannon’s impartiality to other Cruz supporters worried about Breitbart’s misleading coverage about Cruz.

2. Will they turn on Trump?

The Breitbart News website — which regularly and shamelessly celebrates Trump — had an unusually honest article about him: “Broken Promise: Trump ‘Doesn’t Wish to Pursue’ Clinton Email Charges.” The piece came right after Trump’s adviser, and previous campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said Trump would not prosecute Clinton over her email server.

3. Was Breitbart Jewish?!

Andrew Breitbart, the conservative media provocateur who established the site and died in 2012, was indeed Jewish. As were several of his co-workers and heirs, including retired Breitbart News editor-in-chief Joel Pollak and former Breitbart News editor-at-large Ben Shapiro. Breitbart Jerusalem was the site’s Israel-dedicated vertical, where its coverage and content are frequently in agreement with the most end of the pro-Israel spectrum.

“People that we are ‘anti-Semitic,’ even though our business was endowed by Jews, is mostly staffed by Jews, and has a whole section dedicated to broadcasting on and maintaining the Jewish state of Israel,” Breitbart managers said in response to the Clinton campaign’s attack.

4. No permanent press credentials on Capitol Hill – yet

On Monday, the standing commission of journalists of the US Senate Daily Press Gallery — a group of five reporters at old media outlets — refused to award Breitbart “hard passes” to publish more within the halls of Congress to the right-wing news site can produce more information. The committee, in particular, wants Breitbart to explain links to right-wing nonprofit Government Accountability Institute as well as the engagement of Rebekah Mercer, whose family has invested in the site.

5. The biggest brands are jumping ship

One of the world’s most prominent advertisement-buying networks, Omnicom, has directed its staff to pull advertising from pro-Trump website Breitbart on account of its most influential clients.

Late last year, Breitbart launched a #DumpKelloggs campaign, urging its readers to blacklist Kelloggs after the cereal giant declared it would not advertise on the website. Corporate America…

6. The “War on Women” delusion

The left has, over the past few years, criticized the right for conducting a “War on Women” through a combination of policies, arrogance, and forever leaving the damn toilet seat up. Trump himself is implicated of waging his personal war by naming everyone from Rosie O’Donnell to Heidi Cruz to Ariana Huffington to Heidi Klum – the German supermodel – fat, ugly, or “not a 10.”

Although you might hear the expression the “War on Women” now and then from liberal sites, Breitbart is entirely obsessed with the war, which is uncanny, because at the same time they say it doesn’t exist.

Breitbart has an absolute obsession with calling birth control the devil, transforming women into smaller, passionate mini-devils. Birth control not onlymake women disgusting, but it also suppresses female brains and make ladies hyper-emotional.

7. Insanely sick headlines

Science proves it: Fat-shaming works

A July article demonstrated that overweight people should be shamed into dropping weight. “A 20-year-old has their whole life ahead of them, and those are the people we should concentrate on shaming into shape,” the article said.

In conclusion, one should know that Breitbart editors and writers alleged the company had a financial arrangement with Trump. Bannon has denied any such allegation.

The term “batshit insane” was coined by legendary Gary Busey, who Trump back in 2011 fired in an episode of The Apprentice.

What goes around comes around.

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