Going crazy

Breitbart News is Batshit Insane. Period.

NEW YORK — Founded as a limited news syndication site in 2005, their founder Andrew Breitbart launched the news website shortly after, with the goal of becoming the “Huffington Post of the right.” Breitbart News went on to gain outstanding success for its pro-Israel, anti-establishment and ill-conceived populist agenda, scapegoating Washington’s elite and the US […]

President Trump

CIA Military Drone Strikes: Trump Approves

NEW YORK — President Trump has granted the CIA the authority to carry out drone attacks against suspected terrorists, according to the Wall Street Journal. The measure is a clear change from Obama’s strategy to curb the powers of military intelligence. Trump has ambitious plans to lower thresholds for anti-terrorist attacks around the world. Donald […]

Federal Agent

Must-Know about “Deep State” and Trump

NEW YORK — The concept “deep state” emerged in the 1990’s as a description of the groups in both military and civilian apparatus of power that govern in secret. It is today used as a criticism, primarily by conservative and alt-right advocates, against the forces of the intelligence services and the bureaucracy that is allegedly […]