Going crazy

Breitbart News is Batshit Insane. Period.

NEW YORK — Founded as a limited news syndication site in 2005, their founder Andrew Breitbart launched the news website shortly after, with the goal of becoming the “Huffington Post of the right.” Breitbart News went on to gain outstanding success for its pro-Israel, anti-establishment and ill-conceived populist agenda, scapegoating Washington’s elite and the US […]

Facebook filter

Facebook’s Insane Fake News-Filter

NEW YORK — After their candidate Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump in the presidential election, liberal socialists are behaving as remarkably sore losers. Rationalizations and accusations continue to surface, each more far-fetched and conspiratorial than the other. Particularly painful for the losing side is the loss of the power to filter news that reaches […]

USA and Sweden flags

Did Trump Just Say Sweden?!

NEW YORK — When Donald Trump suddenly and out of nowhere targeted Sweden things got uncanny. “You look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this?” Donald Trump asked on Saturday, naming the peaceful country individually while listing some places in Europe hit by terror attacks. Right, who would believe this? […]