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Massive Public Support For the Death Penalty

NEW YORK — Over 80 percent of all Americans want murderers executed. Also for rape and kidnapping, a majority believe that the punishment should be death, according to a recent national survey. At the same time, each year five people on death row are pardoned. The United States differs from other industrialized democracies, and still […]

Turkey Plans to Flood Europe with Immigrants

NEW YORK — Süleyman Soylu, Interior Minister of Turkey, says their country should start sending tens of thousands of refugees a month to European Union countries to “shock” them, as a reaction to the recent diplomatic meltdown between Turkey and Germany. “There is a readmission deal. I’m asking you Europe, do you have the courage […]

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Trump and Putin together against the Islamic State?

NEW YORK — Left-wing and liberal allegations continue centering on US President Donald Trump. They argue that he during his election campaign conspired with Russian President Vladimir Putin to defeat his opponent, Hillary Clinton. Taken together, this may – paradoxically – come as a godsend for the Islamic state. The allegations threaten particularly a planned […]

Foreign Minister Wang Yi

China Warns the US: “There Will Be Consequences”

NEW YORK — South Korea and the US are conducting joint military exercises, while North Korea provokes the world with new missile launches in conflict with international law. Now China is joining the global discourse – and proposes a compromise. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi warns of a “frontal crash” between North and South Korea, […]

Federal Agent

Must-Know about “Deep State” and Trump

NEW YORK — The concept “deep state” emerged in the 1990’s as a description of the groups in both military and civilian apparatus of power that govern in secret. It is today used as a criticism, primarily by conservative and alt-right advocates, against the forces of the intelligence services and the bureaucracy that is allegedly […]